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A nice decision in a Williams-like case

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Maryland issued its decision in Derr v. State, 2011 WL 4483937, a case very similar to Williams. This is a very useful opinion, rejecting numerous theories offered by the State that we may see … Continue reading

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California Appellate Court Decision Denies Prop 36 To People Convicted Of Bringing Drugs Into Jail Or Prison

A recent decision by a California appellate court (First Appellate District, Division One) says that people convicted of bringing drugs into jail or prison may not enter a drug treatment program through Proposition 36. As background, Proposition 36, the Substance … Continue reading

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How the Supreme Court's Decision in Sorrell v. IMS Health May Affect Forthcoming "Do Not Track" Legislation

Following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Sorrell v. IMS Health, Thomas Julin, partner at Hunton & Williams LLP who represented IMS Health in the case, closely studied the Court's decision to assess its implications, including with respect to other … Continue reading

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NLRB's Facebook firing decision had little to do with Facebook

Hispanics United of Buffalo, Case No. 3-CA-27872 (NLRB, September 2, 2011) Folks are talking about the decision handed down by an Adminstrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last week, finding that a nonprofit employer violated … Continue reading

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Night vision goggles don't prevent 11th Circuit from botching another trademark decision

I called out the 11th Circuit last year for faulty reasoning in a restaurant trademark dispute, and now, it appears, they've botched another trademark case. It was a dispute between a manufacturer of night vision goggles and its sales/distribution partner, … Continue reading

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