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Monkey Selfie Decision Stands

Earlier this year, I authored a blog post about the so-called “Monkey Selfies” after the Ninth Circuit ruled that animals cannot sue for copyright infringement because, as nonhumans, they lack the required standing under the Copyright Act.  Recently, following a single judge’s request for a … Continue reading

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Landmark Ontario Court Decision Awarded Child Support For Adult With Disabilities

From The Star: It is the final chapter in a constitutional challenge that changed provincial legislation and gives new hope to single parents caring for children with disabilities. An Ontario court judge has awarded Brampton single mother Robyn Coates monthly… … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and Policing: Hints in the Carpenter Decision

Joh, Elizabeth E., Artificial Intelligence and Policing: Hints in the Carpenter Decision (August 24, 2018). __ Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law __, 2018. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3238212 “In the 2018 Carpenter case, Chief Justice Roberts focuses on the quality … Continue reading

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Justice Kennedy's Retirement Decision

I want to raise one point in light of the new allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. Justice Kennedy has already retired. He could have chosen to make his retirement contingent on the confirmation of his successor, as other Justices have. Since … Continue reading

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ParkerVision loses appeal of PTAB decision at CAFC

The outcome:ParkerVision, Inc. (“ParkerVision”) appeals fromthree final written decisions of the U.S. Patent Trial andAppeal Board (“Board”) in related inter partes reviewproceedings, in which the Board held certain claims ofU.S. Patent No. 6,091,940 (“the ’940 patent”) unpatentableas obvious under 35 … Continue reading

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