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Ninth Circuit: Employers May Not Consider Salary History in Deciding to Pay Men and Woman Differently

The day before Equal Pay Day, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, sitting en banc, ruled that employers defending claims under the Equal Pay Act cannot rely on workers’ past salaries in any respect in trying to … Continue reading

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Deciding where to live after divorce

There are three main options that you have, when deciding where you are going to live after your divorce: 1.) Stay in the home; 2.) Purchase a new home; or Continue reading Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts … Continue reading

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What To Consider When Deciding Between Separation And Divorce

When you are considering whether to end your marriage or not, you may be in a dilemma. You are uncertain about whether to legally separate from your spouse or whether you want to file for a divorce. Here are some … Continue reading

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Deciding If Personal Bankruptcy Is Right For You – Issues To Consider

Make sure you know how to differentiate between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Investigate the benefits and pitfalls of both. Online resources may be able to provide all the information you need. If anything you see is unclear or doesn’t … Continue reading

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Injured Crew Have a Claim Against Their Employer for Deciding the Keep the Vessel in Rough Conditions

Under the Jones Act, an employer has the duty to provide its seaman employees with a reasonably safe place to work. An employer breaches that duty if it does not act with ordinary prudence. In other words, if a maritime … Continue reading

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