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Our Firm Files Two Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against NCL for Crewmember Deaths

Our firm recently filed two wrongful death lawsuits against Norwegian Cruise Line, after two crewmembers were killed during safety drills in the summer of 2016. This fatal incident is just one in a long series of lifeboat catastrophes aboard cruise … Continue reading

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Prescription drugs that kill: The challenge of identifying deaths in government data

Data Driven Journalism – Mike Stuka: “An editor at The Palm Beach Post printed out hundreds of pages of reports and asked a simple question that turned out to be weirdly complex: How many people were being killed by a prescription … Continue reading

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Too Many Deaths Due to Drowsy Driving Accidents

Every year, nearly 72,000 vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. Further studies have shown that getting less than four hours of sleep increases an individual’s crash rate by 11.5 times. Despite these alarming statistics, many drivers continue to get … Continue reading

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Preventable Injury-Related Deaths

What can you accomplish in ten minutes? Maybe you can wash the dishes or walk the dog. But you might not know that, in just ten minutes, more than three persons will die from an accidental (preventable) injury-related death in … Continue reading

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Casper and Corey Platt-May deaths: Driver high on cocaine is jailed – BBC News

‘A driver who killed two young brothers in a hit-and-run crash while high on cocaine has been jailed for nine years.’ Full StoryBBC News, 27th April 2018Source: www.bbc.co.uk Read more detail on Recent Law Librarian posts –

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