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By: Sam Mitchell THE UNITARY PATENT (UP) AND UNIFIED PATENT COURT (UPC) BACKGROUND This week, the UK Government released multiple technical notes detailing the intellectual property implications of a no-deal Brexit for exhaustion of rights, patents, trademarks and designs, and … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day: “Economists are Starting to Suspect that Unions Were a Better Deal than Textbooks Made Them Out To Be”

September 24 2018 This is my absolute new favourite headline on #IndustrialRelations and #LabourEconomists.   The accompanying article provides a nice, brief summary of the long-standing debates about What Unions Do and even links to the 1979 paper by Richard … Continue reading

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UK Government guidance on Unitary Patent system in case there is no Brexit deal

Kluwer Patent bloggerThe UK Government issued guidance today on patent issues to allow businesses and citizens to understand what to do in a ‘no Brexit deal’ scenario. The so-called Technical Notice includes information about the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, and … Continue reading

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Kimberly-Clark deal: Really?

Jake’s blog runs through the numbers of the proposed jobs package and finds a much more efficient and far-reaching method for helping the affected workers: OK, you’re concerned about the people losing their jobs? Why don’t we put together a … Continue reading

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International Maritime Organization Reaches Deal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships

Shipping regulators have concluded on a plan for reducing carbon dioxide emissions for ships. International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulators have agreed that the shipping industry should cut carbon emissions by a minimum of 50% by 2050 as part of the … Continue reading

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