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[David E. Bernstein] Lochner and Child Labor

The Supreme Court's decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis yesterday, holding that as matter of federal law arbitration agreements take precedent over class action lawsuits, saw many liberals comparing the decision to Lochner v. New York, an infamous 1905 case … Continue reading

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Interview with Software Developer David Horowitz

David Horowitz is the lead software developer and co-founder with his wife Bonnie Laszlo Horowitz of Soundside, Inc., located in New York City. David was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, began his career at Microsoft. Soundside’s clients are leaders … Continue reading

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John Grisham, Ken Frazier, and David Rubenstein Join Leaders from Business and Legal Communities at Access to Justice Forum

The following information is posted Pro BonoJohn Grisham, Ken Frazier, and David Rubenstein Join Leaders from Business and Legal Communities at Access to Justice ForumSource: Carl Rauscher, rauscherc@lsc.gov, Legal Services CorporationThe Forum on Increasing Access to Justice will take place at … Continue reading

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"Se dará dinero si  genera riqueza" (David Tuesta dixit) siendo "riqueza" un concepto que supera su concepto primitivo, es decir, doy plata para que produzca más plata, los resultados de la educación "riqueza futura" NO se pueden medir monetariamente, sino … Continue reading

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Delta Promotes Their PMA Guru, David Linebaugh

Delta TechOps has announced that Linebaugh has received a much-deserved promotion to Manager of the PMA Approval Team. Continue reading → Read more detail on Recent Aviation Law posts –

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