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How Does Online Dating Affect Relationships?

The internet has become a place where you can locate anything. Cute cat pictures, a recipe, or a new husband or wife can all be found online. Many people have turned to online dating to help them romantically. According to … Continue reading

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Lies, Dating Lies, and Small Claims Court

Irina Manta, Tinder Lies, ___ Wake Forest L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2019), available at SSRN. Robin J. Effron In a world dominated by online dating, my own marriage seems quite quaint.  We were introduced to each other! In person! By another … Continue reading

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Avoid Dating Until After Your Divorce

Are you legally allowed to date someone before you have officially divorced? The answer in Illinois is “yes.” Some states recognize marital misconduct such as adultery as a reason for divorce and will penalize the spouse at fault in the … Continue reading

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Backdating: CEOs Playing “The Dating Game 2.0?”

Earlier this year, we blogged about evidence from insider gifts that backdating was alive and well.  Now a recent study says that there’s a new twist on option backdating – instead of manipulating the timing of equity awards, CEOs are supposedly manipulating the … Continue reading

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Single People Treat Dating Like Fantasy Football

From Market Watch: Veronica Ryan, a single 26-year-old marketing executive based in Dallas, Texas, said she swipes right on potential matches on Bumble based on a combination of personality, looks, and job. In many cases she will take someone with… … Continue reading

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