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Are Red Light Cameras More Dangerous Then They Are Safe?

Red light cameras were previously seen to make sure that roads and intersections remain safe. However, there is mounting evidence that the opposite happens in cities that have installed the cameras. In fact, there is very little evidence to support … Continue reading

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Four Common and Dangerous China Employee Hiring Myths

It is important for foreign companies doing business in China to onboard their employee hires correctly. Unfortunately, there are many myths that make doing this less likely. In this post, I will I briefly explain some common and potentially dangerous … Continue reading

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Study Finds Most Medical Scopes Still Harbor Dangerous Bacteria After Cleaning

New study finds that 71 percent of reusable medical scopes still harbored harmful bacteria after being cleaned. Read more detail on Recent Medical Malpractice posts –

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The costs of dangerous cladding – leaseholders position

First Tier Tribunal LON/00AH/LSC/2017/0435 – Firstport Property Services Ltd v various leaseholders of Citiscape We previously saw the Salford decision on the costs of a ‘waking watch’ in a tower with ‘Grenfell’ style cladding, but this was the first, keenly … Continue reading

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Are Pressure Cookers Dangerous?

Pressure cookers are all the rage now. Consumers have found them to be useful kitchen tools for tenderizing and fast food cooking. Even though there are benefits to using pressure cookers, many of them have caused serious injuries because of … Continue reading

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