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Child Custody Order From Outside Texas

Michael Busby Section 152 of the Texas Family Code is the Uniform Child Custody and enforcement Act that allows one to determine where and when to file a child custody order.  If you have a foreign order and want to modify, you … Continue reading

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Vacating An Order Of Default In A Maryland Child Custody Case

Imagine a scenario where you lose access to your child due to a procedural technicality (of which you may not have been aware), and the court does not even give you a chance to be heard as to what constitutes … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Divorce and Custody Issues

If you are in a same-sex marriage and considering a divorce, you are entitled to a divorce with essentially the same procedural map as heterosexual couples. There are, however, potential complications related to child custody issues that may require additional … Continue reading

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Your Legal Options in Maryland If Your Child’s Other Parent Refuses to Cooperate as Part of Your Joint Custody Arrangement

Almost any divorce is a stressful event, especially if children are involved. You, as a spouse and a parent, work hard to achieve an outcome in your case that you believe is workable for you and your family. But what … Continue reading

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Generally the DC Courts are inclined to confer and extend jurisdiction to litigants rather than declining it. This blog details some of original, continuing, and non-conventional child custody jurisdictional parameters and scope. Initial child-custody jurisdiction District has jurisdiction to make … Continue reading

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