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Nas and Kelis to Share Joint Custody of Child

Kelis and Nas have reached a settlement in their dispute over custody of their 8-year-old son, Knight. The pair have agreed to share joint physical and legal custody. The agreement is fairly specific, divvying up holidays and with Mother’s Day… … Continue reading

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New York Child Custody Issues Involving Sperm Donors (Part I)

Child custody issues are often the most hotly contested area in divorce and family law cases. It would stand to reason, then, that New York child custody issues are not limited to situations in which the biological parents of the … Continue reading

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Deployed troops battle for child custody (AP via Yahoo! News)

She had raised her daughter for six years following the divorce, handled the shuttling to soccer practice and cheerleading, made sure schoolwork was done. Hardly a day went by when the two werent together. Then Lt. Eva Crouch was mobilized … Continue reading

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Enforcing a Child Custody Order

Child custody agreements are often complex. They may spell out who the child will live with, who the child will spend weekends with, who the child will spend vacations and holidays with, and so on. Parents might not like the … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Deep in the Heart of Texas – Aubry Johnson and Primary Jurisdiction for State and Federal Custody

 Release, release, release encore: Texas bungles, Ninth deplores ignores. Aubry Johnson v. Gill, 2018 WL 943991 (9thCir. Feb. 20, 2018), decision available here.Players:Decision by Judge Ikuta, joined by Judge Tallman.   Dissent by visiting Chief D.J. Oliver.Facts: In Texas state court, … Continue reading

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