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When Cultural Barriers Affect Your Estate Planning

Cultural barriers can impact your estate planning in unexpected ways. If you want to start an estate plan in the United States but your family’s culture gets in the way, it can be frustrating. But given tax and estate laws … Continue reading

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How Cultural Influences Impact the Divorce Rate

It is commonly stated that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, but is that true? Not exactly, although the media attention given to high-profile celebrity divorces can make it seem that way. The divorce rate, like many other … Continue reading

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Acts of Cultural Genocide in China?

James Millward’s article, “‘Reeducating’ Xinjiang’s Muslims” in the New York Review of Books (February 7, 2019) is essential, indeed urgent reading. It is bone-chilling … and a reminder why international criminal law needs to outlaw cultural genocide. See, for example, … Continue reading

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Marketing Cultural Change

By now, almost everyone has seen the new Gillette ad criticizing toxic masculinity and urging men to be better men: Reactions range from offense at Gillette's corporate moralizing to genuine appreciation and celebration. Slate captured the corporate logic effectively: The… … Continue reading

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Give Africa its cultural heritage back … But keep its digital cultural heritage?

Should France [and any other colonial power] give back to Africa [or any other former colony] its cultural heritage? ‘Yes’ says the experts’ report delivered last week to President Emmanuel Macron, urging France to do so regarding Africa's cultural heritage … Continue reading

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