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DHS’s Own Statistics Show That It Is Lying About a Border-Security Crisis

The Trump administration continues to misrepresent statistics to manufacture a crisis that doesn’t exist. Last week, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of the Department of Homeland Security and Kevin K. McAleenan, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, testified at the same time in … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Crisis Management Algorithm Runs on Outrage

And these are the easy cases, where the lines between good and evil are clear and Facebook has developed a formula for responding. On her laptop, Bickert pulls up a slide presentation from a meeting of the company’s Community Standards … Continue reading

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Paper – The access-to-justice crisis is bigger than law and lawyers

Access to What? Rebecca L. Sandefur. © 2019 by Rebecca L. Sandefur doi:10.1162/DAED_a_00534 Rebecca l. Sandefur is Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign; and Faculty Fellow at the American … Continue reading

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Can Tech Solve America’s Forest Management Crisis?

By: Jake Plovanic  After another wildfire season raged through California and the western United States, the debate over how best to minimize and manage future blazes has intensified. The total destruction of the city of Paradise and the loss of … Continue reading

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Venezuela: a humanitarian and security crisis on the border with Colombia

As protests flare and opposition grows in Venezuela, so does political repression. Carlos Eduardo Ramirez/Reuters Venezuela has been in the news. The Department of State has advised "do not travel" there given rampant crime, violence, and political instability. In the… … Continue reading

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