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A note from Dean Michael Scharf, Founder and Editorial Board Advisor of War Crimes Prosecution Watch, on Case Western Reserve University’s new International Criminal Law LLM Program

As documented by the developments covered in the War Crimes Prosecution Watch (WCPW) e-newsletter, international criminal law has become one of the fastest growing and highest profile areas of law.  Taught by leading experts in the field, the Case Western … Continue reading

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Conviction of Iraqi War Criminal Raises Questions About the Treatment of Extremist Fighters in Conflict and Captivity

By Evan Schleicher On February 19th, the Orebro District Court of Sweden convicted 38-year-old Kurda Bahaalddin H Saeed to 15 months in prison for his involvement in the desecration and filming of bodies of Islamic State in Iraq militants. The … Continue reading

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What is a Criminal Diversion Program?

A criminal diversion program is an option that is available to some individuals in adult and juvenile criminal cases. The purpose of these programs is to help individuals, who often have no prior criminal record, to avoid criminal charges and … Continue reading

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NYCOA: Criminal Appeals (Part 3)–Voting & Decisional Patterns

In the last two posts, we looked at the sharp drop in criminal appeals (Criminal Leave Applications [CLA's]) granted at the Court of Appeals in the past few years and at the frequency–and rarity–of grants by each of the Judges. Now let's … Continue reading

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Guilty Plea in HIPAA Criminal Case

  A former patient information coordinator of a health care system pleaded guilty to a count of unlawfully disclosing patient information: “Specifically, on Aug 11, 2017, Kalina unlawfully disclosed personal gynecological health information related to two such patients, with the … Continue reading

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