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Argument analysis: Justices look for middle ground on criminal restitution

The issue before the Supreme Court in Lagos v. United States is the interpretation of a restitution statute applied in tens of thousands of criminal sentencing hearings each year. The Mandatory Victim Restitution Act requires courts to impose restitution for … Continue reading

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Must Criminal Attempts Be Bumpy? (Cross-posted)

The law draws hard-to-justify lines around vague words. Those lines can lead to dramatically different consequences. In Smoothing Vague Laws, I argued that problems caused by legal vagueness can be eased in many instances by "smoothing" the law. If, for… … Continue reading

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Competency and Federal Criminal Appeals

A three-judge appeal court recently upheld the dismissal of charges that a man faced after threatening an FBI agent who declared the man mentally incompetent to stand trial. The man was later released from federal custody after spending 22 months … Continue reading

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Law Would Give Criminal Defense for Breaking into Vehicles to Save Animals

When civilians respond to emergency situations, they often do not have the time to think about the criminal or civil consequences of their actions. For instance, you can be arrested and sued for breaking into someone’s vehicle for the purpose of saving … Continue reading

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Cassidy on Catholic Social Thought and Criminal Justice

R. Michael Cassidy (Boston College – Law School) has posted Catholic Social Thought and Criminal Justice Reform (Journal of Catholic Social Thought, Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Professor Cassidy examines the criminal justice reform movement in the United States through … Continue reading

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