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Taking a byte at financial crime: New AML/CTF guidance and timelines for digital currency exchanges

Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) regulator, AUSTRAC, has released its guidance with respect to new laws that require digital currency exchange (DCE) providers to register and comply with AML/CTF obligations. AUSTRAC takes a broad approach in interpreting what … Continue reading

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D.C. Court: Accessing Public Information is Not a Computer Crime

Good news for anyone who uses the Internet as a source of information: A district court in Washington, D.C. has ruled that using automated tools to access publicly available information on the open web is not a computer crime—even when … Continue reading

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Exposing genitals to a minor is a crime in Virginia whether live or online

Exposing genitals to a minor is a crime in Virginia whether live or online – Fairfax criminal lawyer  Virginia criminal lawyer warns to keep one’s birthday suit clothed in the presence of children Exposing genitals to a minor can get … Continue reading

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Florida Hate Crime Laws

The Miami Beach Gay Pride mission statement is aimed towards bringing together the people of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, as well as their allies, supporters, and friends to celebrate the incredible culture and spirit of the LGBTQ … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault remains the most frequently reported crime occurring on cruise ships

An increased number of cruise ship accidents/incident remains unreported and often absent from the accountability of the civil justice system. Unexpected cruise ship injuries and events are prompted by fierce industry expectations. This is really an issue of cruise industry … Continue reading

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