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Lunney’s Paradox: More Copyright May Lead to Less Creativity

Glynn Lunney, Copyright’s Excess: Money and Music in the US Recording Industry (2018). Christopher J. Sprigman The title of Glynn Lunney’s new book, Copyright’s Excess, presents a puzzle for those of us who have reflected on the nature and function of … Continue reading

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Technology and creativity: Keys to unlocking real estate?

With increasing globalization, shifting demographics and advancing technologies, just to name a few, society is changing rapidly. These changes, as reflected by evolving tastes, preferences and needs, influence both how and where people live and work. As part of their … Continue reading

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The Music of the Algorithms: Tune-ing Up Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

New on LLRX – The Music of the Algorithms: Tune-ing Up Creativity with Artificial Intelligence – In this article, Alan Rothman engages us with significant insights into how the music business is using artificially intelligent music composers, producers and performers … Continue reading

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Data Driven Creativity

My school started much earlier than my kids' school this year, so I spent a couple weeks at home while the rest of the family visited relatives across the country. I am not too proud to admit that I bingewatched … Continue reading

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The Law Rewards Creativity

Toward the end of last week, a couple of friendly ironmongers (John Welch and Ron Coleman) had an interesting dialogue on Twitter, with some great insights about creativity and the law. John noted that copyright’s requirement of “originality” is not … Continue reading

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