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Data Driven Creativity

My school started much earlier than my kids' school this year, so I spent a couple weeks at home while the rest of the family visited relatives across the country. I am not too proud to admit that I bingewatched … Continue reading

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The Law Rewards Creativity

Toward the end of last week, a couple of friendly ironmongers (John Welch and Ron Coleman) had an interesting dialogue on Twitter, with some great insights about creativity and the law. John noted that copyright’s requirement of “originality” is not … Continue reading

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World Intellectual Property Day 2018: Women in Innovation and Creativity

The U.S. Copyright Office will celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with a special event on Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. in the historic Coolidge Auditorium in the Jefferson Building in Washington, DC. This year’s theme, as announced by … Continue reading

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Copyright for Creativity – A Declaration for Europe

The Copyright for Creativity Declaration embodies a new approach to European copyright – an approach where everyone benefits, innovation is fostered, creativity is incentivised and rewarded and access to the fruits of the European creative spirit is improved for all … Continue reading

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Express v. Forever 21: How Much Creativity Does Copyright Require? "A Little Dab Will Do"

How much creativity does copyright require? Thankfully for copyright creators, not much. A dash will do. But in the rare case when that dash is absent, the owner of the work cannot protect it. Express, LLC v. Forever 21, Inc., … Continue reading

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