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Covered bonds in Canada – an increased regulatory stance

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), the federal financial institutions prudential regulator, recently addressed the issue of a cap on issuance of covered bonds which presently stands at 4% of a bank’s total assets. OSFI is now … Continue reading

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Judge Holds Auto Mechanic Not Covered by Insurance Policy When Test Driving Customer’s Vehicle

As a general rule in Georgia, your auto insurance policy’s liability coverage follows you rather than your vehicle. In other words, if you borrow a friend’s car and get into an accident that injures the other driver, your liability policy … Continue reading

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The NAIC recently held a hearing on the implementation of the reduced reinsurance collateral provisions of the Covered Agreement.  A Special Focus article describes the hearing. This post written by Rollie Goss.See our disclaimer. Read more detail on Recent Insurance … Continue reading

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Mental Injury Not Resulting from Bodily Injury, Sickness or Disease Is Not Covered

GENERAL LIABILITY – "BODILY INJURY" – MENTAL INJURY Incorporated Village of Old Westbury v. American Alternative Ins. Co.(2nd Cir., 2/8/2018)Those who have attended my law firm's New York Coverage seminars over the years have heard me preach that every coverage analysis starts … Continue reading

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Long Term Care Insurance Versus Medicare: What is Really Covered and Why It’s Important to Fight for Insurance Benefits

Let’s face it, many people stuck in the middle taking care of both elderly parents and their own children, are overwhelmed when the Long Term Care Insurance company denies coverage for their loved ones.  Who has the time to deal … Continue reading

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