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Minnesota Courts Continue to Disfavor Non-Compete Agreements

Non-Competes Should Be Entered Into Prior to Offers of Employment and Discussed at Initial Job Interviews   Last week, the Minnesota Appellate Court in Safety Center, Inc. v. Stier struck down a non-compete agreement, and while the opinion doesn’t create … Continue reading

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Site Blocking, The Sequel: After Telling Courts They Can Issue De-Indexing or Blocking Orders, Movie Industry Calls for More in Copyright Act

Representatives of the motion picture association appeared before the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology this week as part of the copyright review and called on the government to ensure the law permits site blocking and search result de-indexing … Continue reading

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Courts Awards $1.9 Million Default Judgment to Photographer

On June 4, 2018, a judge in the Central District of California (Los Angeles) granted to Edgar Babayan a $1.9 million default judgment for copyright infringement of Babayan’s three photos. [Learn more about default judgment in my prior blog entry.] Woo … Continue reading

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Court’s Refusal to Allow Mother to Present Her Case-in-Chief Violated Her Due Process Rights, Florida Appeals Court Says

You may have heard phrases like “due process” or “equal protection” on the news or in a courtroom TV show, but you may not imagine them having a substantial impact on your divorce case. You may assume that your divorce … Continue reading

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Polarized Justice? Changing Patterns of Decision-Making in the Federal Courts

Kritzer, Herbert M., Polarized Justice? Changing Patterns of Decision-Making in the Federal Courts (May 5, 2018). University of Minnesota Law School, Working Papers, May 5, 2018. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3187627 “This article examines the question of whether there has been … Continue reading

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