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Ex Refusing Court Ordered Visitation

In the wake of a divorce with kids or other custody battles, the parenting plan lays out visitation, overnights, and the rest. This is a legally binding court-ordered document. Both parents must abide by what it says. But that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Court Rejects Service of Process Via Amazon Messaging–Noco v. Chang

This is a trademark infringement lawsuit. Plaintiff alleges that defendant improperly uses plaintiff’s brand name to sell infringing or counterfeit products “entirely online through [an] Amazon merchant account.” Defendant used the merchant account named “Co2Crea,” and defendant also applied to … Continue reading

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English High Court seizes patent infringement jurisdiction once again

Another judgment, another instance of the English court seizing jurisdiction in a patent dispute. In Ablynx NV and Anor v VHsquared Limited and Ors [2019] EWHC 792 (Pat), His Honour Justice Hacon (sitting as a High Court judge) has provided … Continue reading

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U.S. Appeals Court Says It’s No Longer Enough to “Merely” Claim A Candidate Is More Qualified

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has adopted a set of legal principles to assess a notoriously thorny issue in discrimination law – the role of “qualifications” in hiring and promotions. Henceforth, the court held, it … Continue reading

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CNIL Imposes Penalty to Optical Center; French Highest Administrative Court Reduces Amount

Life sciences companies doing business in France will be interested in the recent results of Optical Center’s appeal of a penalty assessed by the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés, the French data protection authority, surrounding a data breach. … Continue reading

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