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A simple way to cut your marketing costs

When you’ve heard advertising spots on the radio or TV and even online, you’ve probably noticed that after a new ad has run for awhile, you start hearing a shorter version of it. The original spot may have been 30 … Continue reading

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OIG report says Part D plans arent accurately tracking out of pocket costs as required by law

In a recent study, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services found that Medicare drug plans have not met all requirements for tracking out-of-pocket spending by beneficiaries in the Medicare Part D prescription… … Continue reading

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Thompson Fuels Ordered to Pay Costs

The case of Gendron v. Thompson Fuels, related to a home furnace oil tank that developed a leak in December 2008. The leak caused damage to the Gendron’s home and the surrounding environment, including nearby Sturgeon Lake. The City of … Continue reading

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Controlling Corporate Legal Costs by Legal Document Automation: Brand New Application in Employment Law

“On average, lawyers spend 60 per cent of their time drafting documents. If there is a tool that allows them to do that faster and better, then it is an obvious choice.” Thomson Reuters / Catherine Bamford     … Here’s another post … Continue reading

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Reducing Your Divorce Costs

Divorce can be an expensive process, and many couples find themselves facing financial hardship due to the fact they must end their marriage. Divorce costs can include not just court fees and legal fees, but also expenditures to pay experts … Continue reading

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