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Tax Compliance Burden Could Cost America as much as 1.2 Percent of its GDP

Filing your taxes can be taxing. In addition to the actual amount of taxes due, there are compliance costs associated with filling out tax forms and determining what you owe. In the past, the Tax Foundation and others have attempted … Continue reading

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SAM releases report asserting Connecticut would face cost from marijuana legalization double projected tax revenues

The leading national group opposed to modern marijuana reform, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), today released this big new report titled "The Projected Costs of Marijuana Legalization in Connecticut." Here is how its "Introduction/Summary" gets started: Much has been said … Continue reading

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US appeals court tells ISP that safe harbor comes at a cost

A US appellate court has reversed a $25 million verdict against the US Internet Service Provider Cox Communications in what might be seen as a defeat for record label BMG, which had sought to hold Cox liable for copyright infringement … Continue reading

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2018 Cost Waiver Report Available

The Administrative Office of the Courts has submitted its annual report on criminal cost waivers to the General Assembly. The report, available here, tracks court cost waivers under G.S. 7A-304(a)—among other things. The AOC is required by law to make … Continue reading

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How Much Does Filing for Bankruptcy in Minnesota Cost?

You may have heard or seen advertisements claiming that this firm or that firm offers low-cost bankruptcy filing. But do you know what that advertised “low price” will actually cost you? Read more detail on Recent Bankruptcy posts –

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