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Kiwi Surprise: D&O Insurance Defense Cost Protection Unavailable When Prospective Claims Exceed Policy Limits

One of the primary purposes for which policyholders purchase D&O insurance is to provide directors and officers with defense cost protection in the event claims are made against them. However, a September 15, 2011 decision by a justice of the … Continue reading

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Sharp Increase in the Cost of Health Insurance

The full details of the Kaiser Family Foundation's Employer Health Benefits 2011 Annual Survey are here. [NPT] Read more detail on Recent Health Care Law Posts –

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How much do USCIS immigration forms cost?

USCIS immigration forms are available for free. You should never pay someone for a copy of a USCIS immigration form. You can obtain USCIS immigration forms for free from several sources: (1) USCIS website (2) USCIS field office locations (3) … Continue reading

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Why do uncontested divorces cost so much in New York State?

Many ills in this world can be blamed on lawyers. High insurance premiums and OJ Simpson's being set free after killing two innocent people are probably among them. However, the high costs of uncontested divorces in New York State are … Continue reading

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Cost of Europe's 20-year copyright extension? €1 billion

Martin Kretschmer, Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management at Bournemouth University, is not a happy man. After the Council of the European Union this week passed a 20-year extension on musical copyrights, Kretschmer denounced the move … Continue reading

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