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Judge Sontchi (Bankr. D. Del.) Holds That Bankruptcy Courts May Enter Final Judgment on Core Fraudulent Transfer Claims Against Party With No Filed Claim

Written by Daniel N. Brogan A recent decision by Judge Sontchi for the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in Paragon Litigation Trust v. Noble Corp. plc (In re Paragon Offshore, plc, et al.), Adv. Proc. No. 17-51882 (CSS) … Continue reading

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European Parliament Vote Addresses Core CDT Concerns with the Proposed Regulation on Terrorist Content Online

On 17 April 2019, the European Parliament adopted its Report on the proposed Regulation on terrorist content online. The report was adopted with a vast majority of 308 votes in favour, 204 against and 70 abstentions. The text improves significantly on … Continue reading

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Cornerstone finds uptick in “core” accounting case filings, settlements

By Anne Sherry, J.D. A report from Cornerstone Research finds that the number of securities case settlements involving accounting-related claims declined in 2018, but the total settlement value increased enormously, driven by five “mega settlements” of over $100 million each. … Continue reading

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Factors relevant to court’s decision on permissive abstention: How does a bankruptcy court determine whether an adversary proceeding is a “Core Proceeding”?

Courts will consider several factors when determining whether to permissively abstain under 28 U.S.C. § 1334(c)(1) from hearing a proceeding, including: (1) the effect of abstention on the efficient administration of the bankruptcy estate; (2) the extent to which state … Continue reading

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Lawyers: Purpose, Vision, Core Values

I rarely, and maybe never, have written about anything religious, but I wanted to share some thoughts with you after listening to our pastor’s message (aka sermon) titled: Explore God: Does Life Have a Purpose? It was a message that resonated … Continue reading

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