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“Grumpy Cat” Wins Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

If you spend much time on the internet, you are likely familiar with “Grumpy Cat.” She is the famous feline known for her memes and social media presence, and whose real name is Tardar Sauce. Last week, a California district … Continue reading

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Can Nativity scene characters attract copyright protection under Italian law? It depends

Typical Nativity sceneAt Christmas time the making of Nativity scenes in churches and homes is a Catholic tradition that is particularly common in Southern Europe.Like many other Italian children, I have wonderful memories of when my brother and I used … Continue reading

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Cryptocoins for Copyright: KODAK encourages photographers to forget the middleman

By CaroLea Casas We are in the midst of a cryptocurrency frenzy. A series of memes has taken over the internet in recent months—all about Bitcoin. Some economists have considered whether the cryptocurrency market is a harbinger of yet another … Continue reading

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Copyright for Creativity – A Declaration for Europe

The Copyright for Creativity Declaration embodies a new approach to European copyright – an approach where everyone benefits, innovation is fostered, creativity is incentivised and rewarded and access to the fruits of the European creative spirit is improved for all … Continue reading

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Fair Use Overcomes Chrysler's Bogus Copyright Notice

If you watched this year’s Super Bowl, you might have seen an advertisement for Dodge Ram featuring a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. voiceover. To criticize the ad, and to show how antithetical it was to King’s views, Current Affairs … Continue reading

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