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In-Line Linking May Be Copyright Infringement–Goldman v. Breitbart News

Ugh, this decision is bad. How bad is it? It makes me sympathetic to Breitbart, and I didn’t even know that was possible. You may want a box of tissues nearby before reading this. The TL;DR: for over a decade, in-line linking has been treated … Continue reading

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Canadian Federation of Library Associations Statements on Copyright

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations has released three new statements relating to copyright policy:Fair Dealing: "Fair dealing is an important and vital user right that empowers library users to learn and explore new opportunities for personal fulfillment and intellectual … Continue reading

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Why are we still struggling with hyper-linking and copyright law?

This is a hyper LinkBack in the 90s, copyright law was concerned about the issue of linking to content, in some quarters it was considered that linking to content required some sort of permission because it would be an act … Continue reading

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Linking under US copyright law: green light to its inclusion in the scope of public display right comes from New York

A day in the life of a Kat:from Playboy bunny to …In late 2017 The IPKat reported that, after Europe, it appeared that the interplay between linking and copyright protection had re-surfaced also in the US [use of the term … Continue reading

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Copyright Office Releases New Applications for Group Registration of Photographs

The U.S. Copyright Office recently issued a final rule on group registration of photographs, which will take effect on February 20, 2018. The rule modifies the Office’s procedure for registering published photographs, and it establishes a similar procedure for registering unpublished photographs. To … Continue reading

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