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All About Face to Face Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is exactly where the conversation will normally be broken down into tiny segments. The interpreter will then listen and take notes at the same time the individual is talking. They will typically use a shorthand technique to make … Continue reading

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Can We Talk? A Conversation About Civiltiy and Democracy in America

Former U.S. Representative Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN), John G. Palfrey, Jr., Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources at Harvard Law School, and Keli A. Carender, political activist and blogger credited with starting the Tea Party … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Lisa Martens About How Brand Owners Can Combat Counterfeiting

Counterfeits cost brand owners billions of dollars every year. How can brand owners combat this problem? What are the best strategies they can employ and will they work? I am delighted that Lisa Martens has given us some expert and … Continue reading

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Update: Justices Breyer and Scalias constitutional conversation

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Judiciary

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