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Using an Interesting Conversation to Teach Testamentary Capacity

Stephen R. Alton, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll’s Will: A Tale of Testamentary Capacity, 52 Tulsa L. Rev. 263 (2017). Browne Lewis The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a popular novella that was published by … Continue reading

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Cocktails and Conversation: Fran Maier Provides Insight on Lessons Learned – From Start Up to C-Suite to the Boardroom

InfoLawGroup is holding a series of popup panel discussions called “cocktails and conversations.” Our latest discussion was about what it takes for women to ascend to the upper echelons of business and featured successful entrepreneur and CEO, Fran Maier. Fran … Continue reading

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Conversation Between Julie Macfarlane and Woody Mosten about Unbundling and Self-Represented Litigants

Recently, I did a post about a new book that Forrest (“Woody”) Mosten co-authored about unbundled legal services. Woody just sent me a link to a podcast conversation he had with our friend, Dr. Julie Macfarlane, the director of the … Continue reading

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How to Start A Conversation With Anyone (and what to do afterwards)

I’m totally jealous of my 8 year old son’s ability to meet new people – and I’m a pretty outgoing guy. But I’ve got nothing, like zero, on the towering confidence he has in himself. Here’s the scene: Our family … Continue reading

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All About Face to Face Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is exactly where the conversation will normally be broken down into tiny segments. The interpreter will then listen and take notes at the same time the individual is talking. They will typically use a shorthand technique to make … Continue reading

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