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FAN 194.7 (First Amendment News) The public dialogue continues — More from Nadine Strossen on ACLU free speech controversy

The following statement was sent to FAN concerning the ongoing public disuccusion related to the recent ACLU free speech controversy. The dialogue is also ongoing over at The Volokh Conspiracy blog. * * * * Statement of Nadine Strossen Professor … Continue reading

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Appellate Division Rules That Entire Controversy Doctrine Has Limited Applicability to Arbitration of Tenure Charges Under New Jersey’s TEACHNJ Act of 2012

The Appellate Division of New Jersey’s Superior Court recently addressed a procedural question with significant implications for New Jersey teachers and other teaching staff members fighting tenure charges under the TEACHNJ Act of 2012. The TEACHNJ Act changed the system … Continue reading

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Starbucks’ European Tax Controversy 

As we mentioned earlier in our post about Apple’s repatriation tax, multinational corporate juggernauts often use creative – and sometimes ethically questionable – means to reduce their tax burden. It’s not uncommon for corporations such as Apple, Google and Walmart to … Continue reading

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Controversy looming for this year's pre-EQE

The pre-examination European Qualifying Examination ("pre-EQE") was introduced in 2012 as an entrance exam to the main EQE for European Patent Attorneys. Only after passing the pre-EQE is a European patent attorney trainee allowed to enroll for the Main Exam. Controversy over the pre-EQE is … Continue reading

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Arbitration of Wage Hour Claims Controversy Continues Unabated

The controversy over whether employees must arbitrate wage claims continues with full force. A federal judge has just sent to arbitration a claim by an employee that the Company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying him overtime … Continue reading

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