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GAO: Sole-Source Bridge Contracts are Acceptable after Corrective Action

Generally, agencies are required to maximize competition for procurements. But there are exceptions to this rule, such as for simplified acquisitions. Another exception is for sole source bridge contracts awarded between the end of an incumbent contract and the start of … Continue reading

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Drafting Exclusive Use Contracts That Work

The creation of a viable tenant mix is a critical component for practically every shopping center, so retail leases often have a defined “use” clause that limits a tenant’s use of the premises.  In certain cases, they also contain “exclusives” … Continue reading

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Lawsky on The Tax Consequences of Commitment Contracts

From the Winter 2008 issue of the Yale Economic Review: Yale Law Professor Ian Ayres and Economics Professor Dean Karlan harness the power of economic incentives to revolutionize the way people make resolutions. StickK.com … [provides] “commitment contracts” that let… … Continue reading

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Publishing Contracts: Where Lies the Danger for Indie Publishers?

When the owner of an independently operated publishing company wishes to cash out, they will need to establish the value of the business they have built.  The yardstick that will be used is based on cash flow, and, ultimately determined by the soundness of its … Continue reading

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50 state survey of blockchain and smart contracts legislation

Sagewise has published a survey of smart contract and blockchain legislation by state. The survey identifies proposed, pending, and passed blockchain and smart contract legislation in each of the 50 U.S. states. — Joe Read more detail on Recent Law … Continue reading

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