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Government Contractors: Avoiding False Claims

A contract with the government can be a lucrative and secure source of funding for your company for, potentially, dozens of years. Engaging in business with the government, however, is no straightforward task and may deal loops and turns that … Continue reading

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New York State Department of Labor Misclassification – Delivery Workers Were Independent Contractors

In a major victory for businesses, the NYS Appellate Division ruled that Postmates Inc. did not misclassify couriers as independent contractors.  On or about June 21, 2018, the court’s decision, In the Matter of the Claim of Luis A. Vega … Continue reading

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Dynamex and the Future of Independent Contractors

James M. Nelson authored an article for The Recorder titled “Dynamex and the Future of Independent Contractors (and Perhaps Freedom of Contract) in California.” The article discussed a recent game-changing California Supreme Court Decision with a potentially significant impact on established business … Continue reading

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OOPS 2018 Preview: Contractors and Cybersecurity

With even DoD officials acknowledging cyber threats ranging from exfiltrating our top military secrets (“the terabyte of death” per DISA’s Director) to seizing control of SECDEF’s car to sinking Navy vessels with critical infrastructure attacks, both federal agencies and government … Continue reading

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Oregon Shifts Heavy Equipment Personal Property Tax Burden to Contractors starting in 2019

Large and small heavy equipment rental providers throughout the state of Oregon recently scored a huge victory when Governor Brown signed HB 4139 into law earlier last month. The new law replaces Oregon’s existing personal property tax system for heavy … Continue reading

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