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Offer of continued employment with buyer does not absolve seller from liability in M&A transactions

A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Dussault v Imperial Oil Limited, 2018 ONSC 1168 (Dussault), provides a cautionary tale to selling parties in an M&A transaction who intend to limit liability for wrongful dismissal by negotiating … Continue reading

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USPTO Auditing Continued Use of Registered Trademarks

One of my clients received a new type of office action from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It was in response to a declaration of use filed under Section 8 of the Lanham Act to renew its registration for … Continue reading

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Women Also Know Stuff: The Continued Bias Against Women in Academia and the Workplace

To women (and other) faculty members: I’ve copied the links below to two interesting recent articles on the plight of female faculty members in the academy. The first addresses the relative frequency, or lack thereof, of women speaking at colloquia. … Continue reading

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Continued Appearance of Racism

Appearances of racism have haunted President Donald J. Trump since the very day he announced his intention to seek the American presidency. During his campaign and even more during his tenure as president, Trump has either allied himself with or … Continue reading

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Latest Settlement Reveals Mortgage Fraud Continued Years After Financial Crisis Ended

We are reaching the end of a decade since mortgage fraud hit its peak in 2007. However, the latest settlement by IberiaBank suggests that at least one lender continued aspects of mortgage fraud against the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) well … Continue reading

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