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Contemplating Divorce? Here's How to Pull the Trigger

If you’re reading this, our guess is that you’re unhappily married. Perhaps someone cheated. Perhaps one of you works all the time and it caused the relationship to crumble. Perhaps you married young and you both grew up and apart. … Continue reading

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Issues To Consider In Contemplating Divorce While Pregnant

It is needed tragic to go for a divorce irrespective of what the conditions have been in a marriage. It can be even more stressful when you find out that you are expecting a baby or your spouse is pregnant … Continue reading

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Contemplating learning and squirrels

My third-floor office has a window that looks out at two substantial trees separated by a road. One large limb is close to the adjacent wing which is a good 50 feet of angular brick walls from my window. The… … Continue reading

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Sirius XM Contemplating Bankruptcy

So sad about Sirius XM. When the two companies were urging the feds to approve their merger they argued that the market wasnt just satellite radio but all entertainment sources such as iPods, CDs, terrestrial and Internet radio, etc. They… … Continue reading

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