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ABI Consumer Commission Report Is Nearly Finished

For the past two years, the American Bankruptcy Institute's Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy has been hard at work. As the Commission's reporter, I am very happy to say that the work is nearly finished. All of the drafting is completed, … Continue reading

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Quintilone & Associates files Consumer Class Action against Jeep for soy-based wiring in their vehicles

by Richard E. Quintilone II Esq. and George A. Aloupas Esq. Over the years, automobile manufacturers such as Jeep have been switching out their petroleum-based wiring systems to a wiring system made from a soy-based material.  Whether the motive of … Continue reading

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California Consumer Privacy Act: The Challenge Ahead – The CCPA’s “Reasonable” Security Requirement

This is the eleventh installment in Hogan Lovells’ series on the California Consumer Privacy Act. Much of the focus on the California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”) has been on the new rights that it affords California consumers, including the rights to access, … Continue reading

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Fifth Circuit Finds Law Firm was not Regularly Engaged in Consumer Debt Collection

In Reyes v. Steeg Law, LLC, 2019 WL 258068, (5th Cir. Jan. 17, 2019), the Fifth Circuit considered whether a law firm was a debt collector under the FDCPA. Under the FDCPA, attorneys qualify as debt collectors when they regularly … Continue reading

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How Ring & Rekognition Set the Stage for Consumer Generated Mass Surveillance

By: Jevan Hutson If every home on a street, in a neighborhood, or in a town had a Ring surveillance system, the individual cameras, taken together, could construct an extremely intimate picture of daily public life. By integrating facial recognition … Continue reading

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