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Proposed Bill Would Allow Judges to Consider Pets’ Best Interests In Rhode Island Divorces

Currently, pets are treated as property in divorces. However, a bill proposed in last year’s legislative session of the Rhode Island state government would change that. Though it has stalled in committee, the bill would allow judges to consider the … Continue reading

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Consider Your Estate Plan Before Your Summer Vacation

By Heather Coleman, Attorney English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley, LLP Sweet summertime.  The sun shines bright, schools are out, and with no better time for a vacation, the roads and airports are jam-packed with travelers.  Whether scheduling a beach trip, … Continue reading

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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Under the U.S. Constitution, anyone who has been accused of a crime has the right to the defense of a lawyer, and it is the criminal defense attorney who represents a defendant both in and out of court. It’s important … Continue reading

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[Courthouse photograph from wikipedia]As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we at the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC see divorcing couples at all ages and stages of life.  Have you considered the special issues which confront divorcing couples who are over fifty years … Continue reading

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Loan Modification vs Forbearance. Things to Consider.

At the point in time when the economic structure of loan becomes financially unsupportable for the borrower, a lender is faced with a few options.  The lender could simply default the loan and begin collection activity.  Alternatively, the lender could … Continue reading

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