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Congress Poised to Invalidate Agency Guidance Document in Unprecedented Use of the Congressional Review Act – Could it Provide a Roadmap for Relief for the Health Industry?

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) was long viewed as something of a paper tiger, and for good reason. The CRA requires agencies to submit certain rules to Congress before they go into effect. The CRA also creates a streamlined process … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Congress Give Trump a Blank Check to Declare Worldwide War

Sen. Bob Corker reportedly will introduce legislation to effectively give Trump, not Congress, the ability to declare war. Under a proposal expected to be introduced in the Senate very soon, President Trump would get a blank check from Congress to … Continue reading

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Amicus Brief on Behalf of Evan McMullin et al in Hawaii v. Trump: Congress Intended to 'Eliminate All Vestiges of Discrimination'

On April 25, when the Supreme Court hears argument in Hawaii v Trump, the challenge to President Trump’s third executive order imposing a travel ban on nationals from eight countries (“EO-3”), the Court will have received the views not only … Continue reading

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US comptroller chides Congress for sticking its head in the sand on unfunded liabilities

Comptroller General David Walker on Monday “chided” Congress for “ignoring the long-term financial crisis” for entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, CongressDaily reports. In an interview with National Journal Group writers and editors, Walker, who will leave his post… … Continue reading

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What Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg

Since 2004, Facebook has shaped online social interactions around the world. With 2 billion users worldwide, it wields tremendous power over our civic engagement, our day to day routines and habits, and even over our moods and sentiments. In the … Continue reading

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