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Jayden Auyeung "Dies" During Court Conflict over Brain Death with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

In May 2018, the parents of 10-year-old Jayden Auyeung obtained a temporary restraining order in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, after Children's Hospital of Philadelphia declared him brain dead and planned to remove organ-sustaining treatment. That brain death case is now … Continue reading

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Civility And Conflict Resolution

Is civility in our society spiraling downward? It often feels like that nowadays.  This does not have to be the case in our families and in our own circles of colleagues and friends if we pay attention to how we … Continue reading

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Brain Death Conflict – Areen Chakrabarti v Children's Hospital Philadelphia

Here is more television news coverage of the brain death conflict between the mother of Areen Chakrabarti and Children's Hospital Philadelphia. Read more detail on Recent Health Care Law posts –

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Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice

Collaborations between physicians or medical researchers and pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies can benefit society—most notably by promoting the discovery and development of new medications and medical devices that improve individual and public health. However, relationships between medicine and … Continue reading

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As Trade Conflict Escalates, U.S. and China Enter a Battle of Wills

Victory could be difficult to verify, much less achieve, as the U.S. protests Beijing’s effort to retool Chinese industries for the 21st century. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts – Last search terms:conflict escalates china battle … Continue reading

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