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Prioritizing Concerns Helps Manage Early Divorce Stress

The decision to divorce may provide you some relief because a resolution to your unhealthy marriage is in sight. However, your relief may turn to stress once you realize how much work will be involved in the process. A divorce … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Cybersecurity and D&O Liability: Emerging Concerns under Indian Law

One of the most closely watched issues in the world of D&O is the extent to which cybersecurity-related issues will lead to liability for corporate directors and officers. In the following guest post, Tarun Krishnakumar, a New Delhi attorney qualified … Continue reading

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The Reporter: Columnist: Answers to privacy concerns depend on philosophical approach

The Reporter: Columnist: Answers to privacy concerns depend on philosophical approach by Richard Bammer: Some 10 years ago I told a nephew that mammoth U.S. social media companies, Facebook, Instagram, et al, “are not your friends,” and not to expect … Continue reading

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Fearless Girl to be moved due to … viability concerns

Charging Bull and Fearless GirlA little over a year ago The IPKat reported that Italian-born sculptor Arturo Di Modica, ie the author of the well-known Charging Bull in Manhattan's Financial District, intended to file a formal complaint with the Office of the New York City … Continue reading

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Auto Insurance Concerns

Attorneys handling auto insurance problems will see situations where a person has their insurance raised after a claim.  This is sometimes done in violation of Texas laws.  The Washington Post published an article in February 2018, that deals with auto … Continue reading

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