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Brexit Uncertainty, Disclosure Concerns, and Potential Liability

If the uncertainty creates risk, then the current state of play on the United Kingdom’s efforts to withdraw from the European Union represents risk in a highly concentrated form. On November 25, 2018, the 27 EU members approved the divorce … Continue reading

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INTERPOL Elects South Korean President, But Concerns About Red Notice Abuse Loom

After a snap election in Dubai, South Korean Kim Jong Yang has officially been named INTERPOL’s new president. Multiple news sources had previously reported that Alexander Prokopchuk, a Russian who has served as the INTERPOL vice chair for Europe since … Continue reading

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Three Top Tax Concerns Still Facing Charity Sector

In this article, Robert Lee discusses the major tax concerns charities are facing. The first concern is unrelated business taxable income. Charities are concerned about how the IRS will implement new tax code section 512(a)(6), which requires charities to report… … Continue reading

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Social Media Platforms Should be Accountable and Transparent About Content Removal, But DOJ's Plan to Investigate Raises Concerns

The Justice Department’s announcement yesterday that it will meet with states to discuss whether social media companies are "intentionally" stifling free speech represents a potentially dangerous new step in the wrong direction. Instead of focusing on making social media accountable … Continue reading

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BSN Sports Recalls Rubber Toys Amid Concerns of Lead Contamination

Parents beware. BSN Sports recently issued a recall of “tens of thousands of rubber critter toys in the shapes of animals” amid concerns that they may be contaminated with “excessive lead levels in their orange and yellow paint.” According to … Continue reading

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