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For Early IRA Distribution, Compulsive Gambling Not a Disability

Early distributions from IRAs are subject to a 10 percent additional tax.  The 10 percent additional tax does not apply if the distribution is taken when the IRA owner is disabled.  The recent Gillette v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2018-195, case addresses whether medically-induced … Continue reading

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The Impact of Compulsive Gaming on Divorce Rates

Q: Is video gaming impacting divorce rates?Because Arizona is a “no fault” divorce state, filing for divorce in Arizona is generally easy and straightforward in most cases. Unless you are trying to dissolve a “covenant marriage”, you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Rexulti Warnings For Compulsive Behavior And Impulse Control Problems Added To Drug Label

FDA: Patients Using Rexulti At Risk For Experiencing Intense Urges For Gambling And Inability To Control Conduct   (Posted by Tom Lamb at DrugInjuryWatch.com)   Rexulti® (brexpiprazole) was initially approved by the FDA in 2015 for the adjunctive treatment of … Continue reading

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