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The Deadline Has Passed – Is Your Condominium Website Compliant?

We previously discussed in a prior blog post on Florida condo legislation that new requirements were established by the Florida Legislature pertaining to condominium association websites. These new requirements, which apply to all non-timeshare condominium associations with 150 or more units, require that the association … Continue reading

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Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant

Search Engine Journal – “In the U.S., apart from federal, state, and local government websites which must meet Section 508 regulations, there are no enforceable ADA legal standards to follow for website accessibility. However, just because there is no straightforward … Continue reading

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A Trio of OCR HIPAA Breach Resolutions: Is Your Organization HIPAA Compliant?

Over the past thirty days, the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) has reached three HIPAA breach resolutions, signaling to organizations that are covered entities and business associates under HIPAA, the importance of instituting basic best practices for data breach prevention … Continue reading

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‘Perma.cc’: is the fight against "link rot" copyright compliant?

From news outlets to academic writing, publishing online is now part of the mainstream amongst publishers. It is relatively inexpensive, instantaneous and reaches readers worldwide. But the dynamism of internet publications does have one inconvenient– "link rot".‘Link rot’ refers to … Continue reading

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Medium DMCA Compliant

To: Medium.com From: THE LAW OFFICE OF JORGE W. RODRIGUEZ-SIERRA Read more detail on Recent Copyright posts –

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