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DealBook: T-Mobile and Sprint: How Fewer Competitors Could Increase Competition

Conventional wisdom says the two companies should be blocked from merging to preserve competition and benefit consumers. But the merger could actually create a mightier maverick. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Applying Lexmark, ED Pa. Holds 43(a)(1)(A) Claim May Be Brought Against Competitor But Not Competitor’s Customers

Plaintiff extracts spring water. One defendant allegedly extracts well water, which it misrepresents as spring water to other defendants, who are bottlers, and who also misrepresent the water as spring water. Applying Lexmark, court holds that bottler defendants’ alleged false … Continue reading

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Settlements allowing competitors to use term doesn't insulate Clorox from its own possible deception

Gregorio v. Clorox Co., 2018 WL 732673, No. 17-cv-03824 (N.D. Cal. Feb. 6, 2018)Gregorio alleged that, to capitalize on consumer demand for “natural” home cleaning products, Clorox falsely advertised its “Green Works” cleaning products as “natural” or “naturally derived.” The … Continue reading

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Allegedly false statements on package/instructions didn't plausibly harm competitors, court rules

Telebrands Corp. v. Everstar Merchandise Co., No. 17-2878, 2018 WL 585765 (D.N.J. Jan. 29, 2018) (magistrate judge)Telebrands sells novelty stuff; Everstar, a competitor, allegedly copied its stuff in unlawful ways.  Relevant to this blog, Telebrands alleged that Everstar engaged in … Continue reading

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Small Insurers Are Strong Competitors

A recent study confirms that small PC insurers can compete successfully against larger competitors. The Conning Research study, entitled “Property-Casualty Small Insurers: From Static to Strategic,” analyzes the small insurer segment, their strategies for success, and their impact on larger … Continue reading

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