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Industry magazine publisher can be sued under Lanham Act due to allegations of financial interest in competing businesses

NY Machinery Inc. v. Korean Cleaners Monthly, No. 17-cv-12269, 2018 WL 2455926 (D.N.J. May 31, 2018)Plaintiff Lee is the President of NY Machinery (NYM), which sells washing machines and dry-cleaning products, and also owns Kleaners LLC, a magazine publication for … Continue reading

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High Court Targets the Problem of Competing Civil Rights

A decision of the  U.S. Supreme Court Monday could have widespread ramifications in cases where the legal rights of one group affect the legal rights of another. In the 7-2 decision of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the … Continue reading

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The Case for Doing Nothing About Common Ownership of Small Stakes in Competing Firms

One of the hottest antitrust topics of late has been institutional investors’ “common ownership” of minority stakes in competing firms.  Writing in the Harvard Law Review, Einer Elhauge proclaimed that “[a]n economic blockbuster has recently been exposed”—namely, “[a] small group … Continue reading

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Signature Styles (Spiegel, Newport News & Shape Fx Brands) Receives No Competing Bids, Will Seek Sale to Patriarch Partners Affiliate; Generates More Losses in July

Signature Styles, LLC – the company which operates the Spiegel, Newport News and Shape Fx brands – filed a notice with the Delaware bankruptcy court this afternoon announcing that it did not receive any qualified competing bids to acquire the … Continue reading

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Competing heavy lift

As first reported by Space News last Thursday, California's two senators have asked NASA to hold an open competition for the development of the Space Launch System (SLS), the heavy-lift vehicle Congress directed NASA to develop in the 2010 NASA … Continue reading

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