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The SCOTUSblog Community

On Monday, we will launch the new SCOTUSblog Community. The Community is essentially a discussion board. I will pick a new topic each business day. Each topic will presumptively remain open for one week. We at the blog will contribute … Continue reading

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Alfieri on Community Lawyering

Anthony Victor Alfieri (University of Miami – School of Law) has posted Fidelity to Community: A Defense of Community Lawyering (Texas Law Review, Vol. 89, 2012) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: In July 2011, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Options For Debtors In Community Property States

When I meet with a married couple that are considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one major consideration that needs to be addressed is whether or not to file for both, or only one of the spouses. I practice in Louisiana. … Continue reading

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Fourth Circuit Rules Debtors Not Required to List Properties as Exempt to Avoid Liens – Botkin v. DuPont Community Credit Union

As Rubidoux foreclosure defense attorneys, we know serious debt can sometimes go on so long that there's a risk of a court judgment against the debtor. This is bad news, in part because creditors in this situation can end up … Continue reading

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Division of New Mexico Community Property: Agreement on Method Can be the First Hurdle

As a community property state, one of the primary issues in any divorce proceeding in New Mexico is valuing the assets and debt accrued by the parties during the marriage so that all of the community property and debt can … Continue reading

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