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Wisconsin Court Holds Credit Card Debt Is Community Debt In Marriage

During a divorce, most couples think primarily about how the assets they have will be split up. They want to know who will get the house, the retirement accounts, and the most time with the kids. What many couples may … Continue reading

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Beyond the State-Owner Binary: Repositioning the State’s Property-Resource Responsibilities with Respect to All Community Members (Including Property Owners)

Laura S. Underkuffler, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, 18 Theoretical Inquiries L. 329 (2017). Lorna Fox O’Mahony Laura Underkuffler’s recent article, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, is part of a special issue of Theoretical Inquiries in Law. The … Continue reading

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Prominent Sociologist Spotlights Community Organizations’ Role in Crime Reduction

America’s cities overall have experienced a remarkable decline in crime that began in the 1990s and that has brought improvements in civic life in some surprising ways. But the strategies that played a significant part in reducing crime – including … Continue reading

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Nova Southeastern law students send support to Parkland community

Students and faculty at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law delivered a banner to support students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The banner, signed by the Davie, Fla., students and faculty, was delivered on … Continue reading

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San Francisco: Building Community Broadband to Protect Net Neutrality and Online Privacy

Like many cities around the country, San Francisco is considering an investment in community broadband infrastructure: high-speed fiber that would make Internet access cheaper and better for city residents. Community broadband can help alleviate a number of issues with Internet … Continue reading

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