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NLRB Considering Overturning Purple Communications

It's appearing that e-mail is becoming yet another issue on which the NLRB's views flip-flop depending on the party in charge of the White House. Today, the Board announced that it was seeking input on whether to reverse Purple Communications,… … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Electronic Communications from Your Spouse

Some people going through a divorce resort to eavesdropping on their spouses in hopes of obtaining sensitive information that can be used in the case. With the proliferation of electronic communications, there are several ways to surreptitiously track someone’s correspondences and online … Continue reading

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US Public Libraries: Marketing and Communications Landscape

“To learn more about how public libraries communicate, OCLC conducted a survey among US public libraries that asked general questions about active engagement efforts. Questions covered marketing concerns and barriers, communication channels, how they use email marketing, and much more. … Continue reading

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Like Ma Bell, I’ve Got the Ill Communications: Final Guidances Issued

By Dara Katcher Levy & Sara W. Koblitz & Jeffrey N. Wasserstein — Announced as another effort to improve patient access and address drug pricing, FDA recently finalized two guidance documents intended to facilitate better communication and negotiation with payors, … Continue reading

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Google White Paper on Business Communications Trends, Priorities, and Best Practices

From the executive summary of the 2008 Annual Google Communications Intelligence Report (Feb. 2008): At the end of 2007, Google conducted an annual online survey of messaging professionals. Providing insight into the major communications trends in the past year as… … Continue reading

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