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Chronic Medical Conditions in Commercial Truck Drivers

Chronic Medical Conditions in Commercial Truck Drivers I’m Ed Smith, a Truck Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. As people continue to live longer, chronic medical conditions will become more common. In the United States alone, millions of people live with a chronic … Continue reading

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Commercial Office Lease Negotiation Checklist – Pro-Tenant

By:  Alejandro E. Jordan, Esq. This Article provides you with tips to create a concise and effective negotiation checklist and the key points you should consider when negotiating a lease in a multi-tenant office building. This Article also highlights key … Continue reading

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IP Justice in Financial Times on ICANN Being Driven by Commercial Interests

“Icann is full of people who work for corporations and think that Icann should be run like one. When I try to remind people that it is a not-for-profit public benefit organisation, they look at me like I am mad. … Continue reading

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Reports have now confirmed Kevin Soule has died in a tragic crab fishing accident on Willapa Bay.  Soule was reported missing by his wife, Heather, on May 19thwhen he did not return home from crab fishing as scheduled. Soule was reportedly … Continue reading

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How Can They Do That? A Question Many Commercial Co-Venturers Love to Ask

Advertising lawyers when giving advice to clients on promotional programs and advertising disclosures are always asked by their clients, why must we do it that way when XYZ company isn’t?  The answer is usually somewhere between I don’t know why … Continue reading

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