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A FRIEND COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK: “So the only people you’ve stopped from having guns are the ones who…

A FRIEND COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK: “So the only people you’ve stopped from having guns are the ones who don’t commit crimes. Keep thinking. You’re ALMOST to a conclusion.” Police struggle to stop flood of firearms into UK. Read more detail … Continue reading

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Some Comments on the Recent BIS Quarterly Review

Earlier this week, the Bank for International Settlements – an international financial institution in Basel, Switzerland, created in 1930 and owned by 60 global central banks – released its Quarterly Review of international banking and financial market developments. Several “special… … Continue reading

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SEC Requests Comments on Earnings Releases and Quarterly Reporting

The SEC issued a request for comment on the nature and timing of disclosures that reporting companies must provide in quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, including when the requirements overlap with earnings releases furnished on Form 8-K.  Comments will be … Continue reading

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The case for a new Australian Customs Act plus comments about what we have now

Andrew HudsonOne of the essential elements of good regulation is the need for clear contemporary supporting legislation and associated regulation. That need has underscored new legislation in Australia (the Biosecurity Act 2015) and in New Zealand (the Customs and Excise Act 2018). … Continue reading

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Deadline Announced for AM Revitalization Comments

Attention all you AM radio nostalgia buffs and others interested in the future of AM radio, who hopefully read our post of October 10 about the FCC’s proposals to allow higher power operation by smaller AM stations by reducing nighttime … Continue reading

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