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The Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China | The American Conservative

While the progressive left sees a Russian spy around every corner, there is a very real possibility that Washington and Moscow will collude for a very big reason—and soon. Both nations have a reason to fear a coming change in … Continue reading

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Generation Z Coming to Your University and Workplaces

Several years back we had a blog about this generation that was set to start entering law school in about 2015 (then called Net Gen—more popularly Generation Z (Gen Z) now but also iGeneration, iGen and Post-Millennials).  Now in 2018, … Continue reading

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Can State Supreme Courts Protect Liberal Constitutionalism in the Coming Era of Reactionary SCOTUS Jurisprudence?

With President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court seat that Justice Anthony Kennedy will soon vacate, media attention has now shifted to the coming “battle” over his confirmation. Yet the outcome of that battle is … Continue reading

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Chinese Company Coming to America: A Mostly True Horror Story

Eight years ago, I wrote a post Top Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail In The U.S. A few weeks ago I got a fascinating email from someone in response to that post. The below is that email. But before you … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Hike and Paid Leave Program Coming to Massachusetts

A new law will soon take effect in Massachusetts, where employees will be eligible for paid family and medical leave and will also see an increase in the minimum wage. Governor Charlie Baker signed the bill on June 28, which … Continue reading

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