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Colorado Hopes to Bag Residency Requirements for Marijuana Businesses

Despite appalling and misguided federal efforts to hold back marijuana businesses, the industry continues to blaze trails with expanded marijuana laws and opportunities, clearing away for progress and reason to prevail. The latest example comes out of Colorado, where the … Continue reading

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Colorado General Assembly To Consider Immigration, Paid FMLA, and Other Employment Bills

Emily Hobbs-Wright By Emily Hobbs-Wright The Colorado General Assembly convened on January 10, 2018 for its regular session. Between now and its scheduled May 9, 2018 adjournment date, the House and Senate will consider numerous employment-related bills. Although some may … Continue reading

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New report from SAM and affiliate assembles data to highlight problems in Colorado after legalization

Via email I received notice of a new report on the impact of marijuana legalization in Ohio. Here are part of the email with links from the original: The Marijuana Accountability Coalition (MAC), along with Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), … Continue reading

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California, Colorado governors target electric vehicle sticking point—charging

Enlarge / Closeup of Chargepoint electric-vehicle charger at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images). (credit: Getty Images) Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown announced one of the most ambitious electric vehicle (EV) incentive plans in the … Continue reading

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Unsurprisingly, Colorado congressional contingent contesting AG Sessions' decision to rescind Cole Memo

Two new article from the Denver Post detail the various steps being taken by various members of Congress from Colorado in response to Attorney General Sessions' recent decision to rescind the Cole Memo (basics here and here). Here are links … Continue reading

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