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Asian-Americans, Older Americans Seek Non-Discriminatory College Admissions

An assault on the concept of “diversity” in college admissions is underway, this time by Asian Americans and older Americans. A group called Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) recently filed a brief in U.S. District Court of Massachusetts seeking immediate … Continue reading

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University of Washington settles with College Republicans over unfair security fees (Is Berkeley next?)

In February, College Republicans at the University of Washington wanted to hold a rally with the group Patriot Prayer. The University said they could only hold the rally if they agreed to pay a $17,000 security fee. The College Republicans sued and today the school reached a $127,000 … Continue reading

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DuPage County Judge Strikes Down College Expense Law

Last month, a judge in DuPage County vacated a support order based on a 40-year-old Illinois law. The law allows judges to order divorced parents—but not parents who are still married—to contribute to their children’s college (or other post-secondary education) … Continue reading

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Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law Dean Search Announcement

From colleagues at NKU: Founded in 1893, the Salmon P. Chase College of Law has for 125 years provided service to students and the legal community throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and across the Ohio River to Cincinnati and its … Continue reading

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Case Study: Are Illinois Orders to Pay College Expenses Still Constitutional?

In Illinois, divorced and never-married parents may have an obligation to contribute to post-high school expenses for their children once they emancipate, or “age out” of being a minor child under the law.  This typically happens when the child turns … Continue reading

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