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Aloisi & Gramano on Platform Work and Collective Bargaining

Antonio Aloisi and Elena Gramano (European University Institute – Department of Law (LAW) and Goethe University, Frankfurt) have posted Workers Without Workplaces and Unions Without Unity: Non-Standard Forms of Employment, Platform Work and Collective Bargaining (Forthcoming in Bulletin of Comparative … Continue reading

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Recent ‘firsts’ shape UK collective actions

This year marks four years since significant statutory reforms regenerated the UK’s collective actions arena. Following a rocky start to this new regime, it appears that 2019 may finally bring some clarity to potential claimants navigating the first hurdle of … Continue reading

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IKEA Discriminates on the Basis of Age? Collective Action Age Discrimination Complaints Abound

In the past year, and most recently on March 27, 2019, several lawsuits have been filed against IKEA in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleging discrimination based on age (and one also on gender); … Continue reading

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Health insurance benefits set out in collective bargaining agreement found to have survived expiration of agreement and the employee's resignation

The plaintiff [Petitioner] in this action was initially employed by the City of Lockport [Lockport] in a position in a collective bargaining unit represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees [AFSCME]. Lockport subsequently promoted Petitioner to … Continue reading

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PWC Case To Proceed As A Collective Action

A federal court judge has ruled the mammoth  2016 age discrimination  lawsuit filed against PricewaterhouseCoopers, L.L.P., can proceed as a collective action with potentially thousands of plaintiffs. The decision, which unsealed last week, represents a serious setback for the global … Continue reading

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