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Opinion analysis: Court rules for Sudan in dispute over service in USS Cole lawsuit

A lawsuit by victims of the bombing of the USS Cole received a setback today at the Supreme Court. The victims are trying to hold the government of Sudan responsible for providing support to the al Qaeda bombers who killed … Continue reading

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Cole Credit Property Trust IV Subject of Recent Tender Offer at $6.60/Share

Third-party real estate investment firm Everest REIT Investors I, LLC (“Everest”) recently launched an unsolicited tender offer to purchase up to 780,000 shares of common stock in Cole Credit Property Trust IV, Inc. (“Cole Credit IV”), at $6.60 per share. … Continue reading

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Cole Office & Industrial REIT Investigation

Cole Office & Industrial REIT New Tender Price $7.51/share According to SEC filings on November 18, 2018, CMG Partners, Inc. has launched a third-party mini tender offer to purchase up to 275,000 Class A shares of Cole Office & Industrial … Continue reading

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FAN 199.6 (First Amendment News) ACLU’s David Cole defends NRA’s political speech rights

Substitute Planned Parenthood or the Communist Party for the NRA, and the point is clear. If [Gov.] Cuomo can [target] the NRA, then conservative governors could have their financial regulators threaten banks and financial institutions that do business with any … Continue reading

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AG Sessions' decision to rescind Cole Memo ultimately leads to Prez Trump pledge to safeguard states' marijuana reforms

As reported in this CNN piece, "Trump promises GOP lawmaker to protect states' marijuana rights," a little more than three months after Attorney General Sessions decided to rescind the Cole Memo stating that federal prosecutors would not prioritize criminal enforcement … Continue reading

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