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Two Georgia Police Officers Are Terminated After Using a ‘Coin Flip’ to Decide on an Arrest

We expect police to be ethical during roadside arrests. However, two Georgia police officers were recently terminated after using a coin flip to decide on a speeding arrest. The two Georgia police officers were initially placed on leave after they used … Continue reading

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Securities Regulation and Initial Coin Offerings: A Legal Primer

CRS Report – Securities Regulation and Initial Coin Offerings: A Legal Primer. August 31, 2018 R45301 “Initial coin offerings (ICOs)—a method of raising capital in exchange for digital coins or tokens that entitle their holders to certain rights—are a hot … Continue reading

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New Coin Investing App May Prove Helpful to Rookie Investors

Investing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin can be lucrative if you invest at the right time and understand the investment you are making. However, there is also a big risk to cryptocurrency investing. Many people want to take the … Continue reading

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Cohney, Hoffman, Sklaroff, & Wishnick on Initial Coin Offerings

Shaanan Cohney (University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering & Applied Science), David A. Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania Law School; Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School), Jeremy Sklaroff (University of Pennsylvania Law School – Student/Alumni/Adjunct), & David A. Wishnick (University of … Continue reading

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The Law and Finance of Initial Coin Offerings

Posted by Aurelio Gurrea Martinez (Ibero-American Institute for Law and Finance) and Nydia Remolina (Javerina University), on Saturday, June 16, 2018 Editor's Note: Aurelio Gurrea Martínez is a Fellow of the Program on Corporate Governance at Harvard Law School and … Continue reading

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