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Father of the Iowa Trust Code

Martin D. Begleiter, Son of the Trust Code – The Iowa Trust Code after Ten Years, 59 Drake L. Rev. 265 (2011), available on SSRN. Jeffrey Cooper Back in 2001, Professor Martin Begleiter published an article analyzing the drafting and … Continue reading

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Thinking About Joining A Club? You May Want To Consider These Corporations Code Provisions First

In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville devoted an entire chapter to the propensity of Americans to form associations. In particular, he observed: The Americans make associations to give entertainments, to found seminaries, to build inns, to construct churches, to … Continue reading

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A Texas Oil and Gas Attorney Reviews Oil and Gas Depletion Allowances and the Effect of Obama's Proposed Removal of Percentage Depletion from the US Tax Code

Texas oil and gas attorneys are watching with trepidation as Obama seeks to cripple domestic mineral production with his ill-conceived policies. In our previous post, we discussed the Obama administration's push to eliminate some of the tax subsidies that oil … Continue reading

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1st Cir.: Compare infringing software with copyrighted code, not modified, non-copyrighted version

There are two critical lessons for software companies in Airframe Systems, Inc. v. L-3 Communications Corp., No. 10-2001 (1st Cir. Sept. 14, 2011): (1) It's not enough to register the copyright in the original source code. When you modify it, … Continue reading

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Klingele & Love on Sentence Reduction Provisions of the Model Penal Code

Cecelia M. Klingele (pictured) and Margaret Colgate Love (University of Wisconsin Law School and Law Office of Margaret Love) have posted First Thoughts About 'Second Look' and Other Sentence Reduction Provisions of the Model Penal Code: Sentencing Revision (University of… … Continue reading

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