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Don’t Stand So Close to Me: Ten California Sexual Harassment Bills to Watch

In tandem with the growing #MeToo movement, sexual harassment appears to be top of mind for California legislators in 2018. In the wake of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and the like, California has been flooded with an unprecedented number of … Continue reading

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Is this "diet" soda script too close to Diet Coke's?

I have to admit, I might expect it to be a Coca-Cola product.  What's more, it's made in the US, not Brazil, and seems to be a copy of Guarana Antarctica, a Brazilian beverage.http://tushnet.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss Read more detail on Recent Advertising … Continue reading

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Law could lead thrift stores to close – News- msnbc.com

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News … Chris Proffitt /Eyewitness News. Indianapolis – A new law designed to protect children may come at a significant cost to their parents. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – General Legal News

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Revised Sexual Harassment Training Bill (And So Much More) Close To Final Passage

Early Friday morning, the state Senate approved a bill that would significant broaden the sexual harassment prevention training requirements and many other provisions in discrimination law.  A similar (but notably different) bill passed the House; now, this Senate bill on … Continue reading

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Gordon & Doner's Scott Fischer Wins Nearly Million-Dollar Verdict With Scathing Close in Patient Fall Trial |VIDEO|

Medical center guidelines often form the central legal battleground in cases against hospitals. The defense will use compliance with the guidelines as proof that treatment met appropriate standards, while the plaintiff must show the hospital violated its own protocol or … Continue reading

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