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|VIDEO| How Lloyd Bell's Close Dramatically Highlighted Testimony Central to a $26M Med Mal Verdict

  Even the most shocking testimony can be lost amid the sheer volume of evidence a jury sees over the course of a long trial. Delivering a powerful closing reminder of pivotal testimony is nearly as important as eliciting the … Continue reading

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Collecting Debt from a Close Friend

You likely will not need to file a lawsuit against a friend who keeps forgetting to pay back the $20 he or she owes you. Refusing to repay $20,000 is a different matter. Some people do not lend money to … Continue reading

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|VIDEO| Weinberg Wheeler's Johnson Delivers Close That Clears Apartment of 99% of Fault in Fatal Shooting

Premises liability cases involving a property's security often turn on whether the property owner could have reasonably done anything to make the premises safer. In a January 2018 trial over the shooting death of an apartment tenant, Weinberg Wheeler’s Mark … Continue reading

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Why I Close My Doors For a Conference

After three years of attending the Clio Cloud Conference, the jazzy, New Orleans legal tech conference hosted by leading cloud-based practice management software provider Clio, Billie Tarascio had had it. Not with the conference, but with being the only staffer … Continue reading

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How Close is Not Close Enough?

Madeline Bugh While most art can be protected by copyright laws, if a “new” piece of art is too similar to an original piece, then it cannot be protected. The work of art, at the very least, must be “a … Continue reading

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