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How to Clear up a Michigan Hold on Your Driver's License and Get a License in Another State – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we began examining the process by which someone who has moved out of Michigan, but has a Michigan "hold" on their Driving Record goes about obtaining a "Clearance," which releases that hold. We observed … Continue reading

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A dozen key terms that need clear definition and application in benchmarks of law department staff and spend

We take for granted that fundamental terms in benchmark surveys and reports have clear meanings understood and applied by all. Lord, what fools these mortals be! Setting aside statistical terms, below are 12 that deserve careful definition by surveyors and… … Continue reading

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A clear description of the meaning of margin of error (sampling error)

When researchers gather data for statistical analysis, there is always some slippage, by which I mean that the results would likely vary within a calculable range if the researchers duplicated the study. Statisticians refer to that variability of results as… … Continue reading

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In order to set aside the property settlement agreement based on defendant's fraudulent concealment, plaintiff must prove by clear and convincing evidence that defendant made a material misrepresentation with the intent that it be relied upon, as well as

Law Lessons from LINDA M. GEFFNER v. RAMI E. GEFFNER, App. Div., A-2896-08T2, May 11, 2011: Under Rule 4:50-1, a party may move for relief from a judgment or order for the following reasons: (a) mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable … Continue reading

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As Clear As Mud

Steve Van Beek had an excellent post today at The NAFCU Compliance Blog about recent "clarifications" issued by the Fed of its previously issued regulations implementing the Credit CARD Act, specifically those portions of the regulations that removed "floor rates" … Continue reading

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