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Basel Committee and Others Consult Centrally Clear OTC Derivatives

Financial Stability Board, Basel Committee, and standard-setting bodies consult on effects of reforms on incentives to centrally clear over-the-counter derivatives The post Basel Committee and Others Consult Centrally Clear OTC Derivatives appeared first on CFTC Law. Read more detail on Recent … Continue reading

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Judge Allows Trip-and-Fall Victim to Proceed with Lawsuit Based on Presence of Clear Clothes Hanger

A key question in most premises liability cases is, “What constitutes a hazard?” After all, not every object that may obstruct a customer’s path is is necessarily dangerous. It is important to establish why a particular object constitutes a hazard–which … Continue reading

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The Sentinel Strike: The Hartford’s Gift to New York Insurers in the War to Stop Policyholder Experts from Claiming Ambiguities Exist in Clear Policy Exclusions

In this age of exponentially increasing technology, we can rely on one certainty in property casualty jurisprudence – that is, bold policyholder assertions supported by even bolder “expert” opinions. In BF Advance, LLC v. Sentinel Insurance Company, No. 16-cv-5931 (E.D.N.Y. … Continue reading

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A New Crop of Blogs Help Clear the Air around Cannabis Law

With recreational use of marijuana legal in nine states and the District of Columbia and medical use legal in 29 states, cannabis has emerged from the counterculture to become a mainstream industry. And where there is an industry, there is … Continue reading

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China's Clear and Present Threat – American Greatness

When Trump first brought up the issue of tariffs, a great wailing erupted from the free traders on the Right decrying that he was about to begin a trade war. While it’s a convenient narrative to say that this is … Continue reading

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