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Your Guide To Making A Claim: PPI Claims Co

You cannot simply attempt to make a claim without consulting experts or doing some research of your own. Many individuals don’t have the time to sort out and understand the technical terms and legal jargon that make up policy claims. … Continue reading

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Shock at the World Of Personal injury Litigation

Reforming the personal injury business is some thing that the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw has hasn’t approved to do. The private injury business is constantly increasing and therefore more and more personal injury management companies have started to appear on … Continue reading

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The Recognition of Accident Compensation

It is true beyond a doubt that the personal injury claims have escalated considerably in the recent years. simply because of those media coverage along with other success stories that are published, more and a lot more claimants appear to … Continue reading

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Kiwi Surprise: D&O Insurance Defense Cost Protection Unavailable When Prospective Claims Exceed Policy Limits

One of the primary purposes for which policyholders purchase D&O insurance is to provide directors and officers with defense cost protection in the event claims are made against them. However, a September 15, 2011 decision by a justice of the … Continue reading

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Oracle v. Google – Oracle Specifies Claims It Will Assert

As required by the court, Oracle has now reduced the claims it will assert at trial to 15. 471 [PDF] Or is it 26? With a bit of semantic slight of hand Oracle maintains that the 26 claims are really … Continue reading

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